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Atmospheric Carbon Capture CO2 to fight climate change

Atmospheric Carbon Capture is on of the leading technologies in the fight against climate change, the most challenging problem facing our planet. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere are the primary driver of the changes we read about every day. At NEG8 Carbon, we are working hard to help return the planet to a safe state. To do this we use Direct Air Carbon Capture (DAC) technology to remove CO2 directly from the air that surrounds us.

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Verifiable reporting showing how much CO2 is removed from the atmosphere


A novel compact stackable modular system for capturing CO2


Utilising renewable energy with low operational and capital costs


Stackable containerized units which can be located virtually anywhere


Growth targets

By 2035, NEG8 Carbon intends to install 25,000 NEG8 Carbon Capture System units throughout Ireland and collect 10 million tons of CO2 annually. With a global goal of capturing 100 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2040 and increasing this over the following decade to 1 billion tonnes per year.

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NEG8 Carbon is an Irish start-up company whose genesis is the spin out company TGE (founded in 2014) from Trinity College in Dublin. We are in the process of commercialising our technology having demonstrated it with the production of a prototype 1 tonne CO2/annum carbon capture unit in 2023.  We are now in the process of scaling up the technology to our full-scale commercial units.

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Carbon Capture Technology

NEG8 Carbon is working hard to make the widespread adoption of Direct Air Capture a reality through our modular ‘plug and play’ carbon capture units. To combat climate change, NEG8 Carbon plans to roll out millions of these units globally capturing billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide in the coming decades.

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Some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people in the Carbon Capture technology field work here at NEG8 Carbon. Our team of scientists and engineers all share a deep passion for solving the challenge of carbon reduction across the world.

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Job Vacancies

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Up for a challenge? We looking for a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer to join our team in Waterford.

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