NEG8 Carbon welcomes Minister Eamon Ryan to our Waterford R&D centre

We recently welcomed Minister for Environment, Climate, Communications and Transport, Eamon Ryan to our R&D centre in WorkLab, Waterford. After introductions to the wider team and a tour of our offices, our CTO, John Breen had the pleasure of introducing Mr Ryan to our Direct Air Capture Pilot system and explaining how the technology works.

Joined by Marc O’Cathasaigh, Green Party TD, whom we previously welcomed to Neg8 Carbon, Mr Ryan was very knowledgeable on the subject of Direct Air Capture and gave generously of his time. We thoroughly enjoyed a useful and in-depth conversation around the importance of DAC in fighting climate change and emission reduction.

Our mission gains more importance as evident in a recent report the Enviro the EPA announced that Ireland is on course to miss its 2030 climate targets by a large margin unless all sectors, including agriculture, electricity, and transport rapidly deliver further emission reductions and sustain this delivery into the future.

Reducing emissions alone is not enough to meet climate change goals and Direct Air Capture (DAC) is the most effective way to remove excess carbon dioxide from the air.

The team in NEG8 Carbon is making the widespread adoption of DAC technology a reality through modular and scalable carbon capture units which until now were not considered viable.

NEG8 Carbon will deploy these units globally capturing 100 million tonnes of CO2 by 2040 which will increase to over 1 billion tonnes per annum over the following decade.

Mr. Ryan expressed his support for the wider technology start-up community in Waterford and the Southeast, which continues to grow at pace and we hope to welcome him back again in the future to demonstrate our progress in technology innovation and ultimately reducing emissions nationally and globally.