NEG8 Carbon engages Jones Engineering Manufacturing (JEM) to accelerate development of innovative Direct Air Capture (DAC) system


NEG8 Carbon engages Jones Engineering Manufacturing (JEM) to elevate modular design, optimize mass production manufacturing, and enhance serviceability of innovative Direct Air Capture solutions.


In its unwavering commitment to addressing climate change head-on, NEG8 Carbon proudly announces its strategic engagement of Jones Engineering Manufacturing (JEM) a renowned engineering firm specialising in Integrated Modular Solutions. This collaboration aims to accelerate the development and deployment of NEG8 Carbon’s innovative first-of-a-kind Direct Air Capture (DAC) system.

By tapping into JEM’s profound expertise in modularity, mass production, and advanced engineering, the engagement will emphasise integrating life cycle emissions management, effective logistics, and efficient serviceability right from the early stages of the engineering design. Additionally, JEM will incorporate refined manufacturing strategies into the design and construction of the DAC modules. This will optimise the manufacturing and installation process, with a keen focus on standardising each component for greater efficiency and scalability.


Ambitious Vision

NEG8 Carbon’s DAC technology, with its hallmark of high energy efficiency and modular capabilities, has the ambitious vision of capturing millions of tonnes of CO2 annually by 2035. Partnering with JEM’s insights and methodologies will not only refine this innovative technology but also set novel industry benchmarks for scalable and sustainable CO2 capture systems.

Adrian Costigan, CCO for NEG8 Carbon commented, “Engaging with JEM, a leader in engineering innovation and off-site modular manufacturing, amplifies our momentum towards achieving our ambitious DAC deployment targets. Their insights will undoubtedly refine our technology, making it even more efficient and impactful.”

Ian Davy, General Manager of JEM, states, “The company’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for the transformation of their clients’ design concepts into large-scale, deployable modular solutions that maximize off-site manufacturing technologies. JEM recognizes the significant value they can provide during the pre-design phase of projects, and through a series of collaborative workshops with NEG8, they aim to aid in the implementation of a robust, customized solution.”