NEG8 Carbon announces selection for the ClimAccelerator Program

NEG8 Carbon is very pleased to announce that we have been selected for the next ClimAccelerator  Program, aimed at empowering startups with innovative carbon removal solutions to decarbonize our planet. Supported by ERGO Group AGMunich Re, and Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace.

A decade ago, carbon dioxide removal was a small part of the global climate change conversation. But the latest IPPC report notes that alongside other measures “Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) will be necessary to achieve net-negative CO2 emissions.” The carbon dioxide removal process encompasses a range of technical and nature-based solutions through which existing CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and sequestered safely for long periods.


The race to a net-zero carbon society

To accelerate the transition to a net-zero carbon society, EIT Climate-KIC, Europe’s leading climate innovation agency, is supporting promising carbon dioxide removal start-ups via the Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator.  The programme, endorsed by Munich Re and ERGO, harnesses 12 years of experience as the main climate innovation solution provider in Europe, with over 2,100 solutions supported and over €2 billion of capital secured.

Since 2017, EIT Climate-KIC and Munich Re and ERGO have supported entrepreneurs all across Europe, scaling a total of 32 start-ups, including 12 with CDR solutions such as afforestation, direct air capture, biochar, and bioenergy-based carbon capture and storage.


Benefits of the ClimAccelerator Program

As a programme selectee, we will receive tailored coaching and mentorship, business development and some financial support. EIT Climate-KIC will guide us through a climate impact workshop where we will forecast our business climate impact and develop strategies to improve our environmental footprint.

We look forward to learning from top climate experts and startups in the cohort including AC Biode, Bomvento, Carbon Universe, ClimeRock, Dowmann, FOREST HERO, Mormaír, RubisCO2, Skoog, Touch Risk, WindCapture Technologies, and ZeroEx.